If you think your crew is capable of waking up (or staying up) for a 9:00am departure, we suggest venturing outside of the city for a day to visit the spectacular town of Viñales, where the majority of Cuba’s tobacco production takes place.  Here you can experience the entire process, from picking the perfect tobacco leaf, to rolling the perfect cigar.  

After a lunch that is sure to change any pre-conceived notions you may have heard about Cuban food, we take to the underground and explore the immense network of limestone caves, inside of which passes an impressive underground river.  Viñales is a town is set in one of the most picturesque landscapes in the whole country. The mountains that surround the valley are made from limestone-karst formations that jut straight upwards from the ground as if challenging you to climb them.  And you can, if not too hung over.

This is the most complete and longest duration tour that we offer, but well worth the extra effort, and as always, enhanced by our unlimited supply of cold beer.

What is included:
  • Roundtrip group transport in van with A/C

  • Cooler of drinks on hand  

  • Admissions to cigar plantation

  • Admissions/ boat for Cave tour

  • Lunch

  • Experienced guide



Follow as your guide leads you through a tiny crevasse in the limestone wall that opens into an immense prehistoric underworld within.  Explore the dimly illuminated pathways adorned by prehistoric rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites, as you make your way through the underground labyrinth until coming across a small underground river where your boatman awaits. You’ll exit the cave only to be greeted again by full fledged Caribbean sunlight and a hand crafted rum and sugarcane cocktail.


Ever wonder what it is that makes Cuban cigars taste just that much better than all the rest? Though it could be the sweet sweet taste of contraband tobacco, it is more likely a combination of the rich hand-crafted tradition passed down from generation to generation, complimented with the near utopian growing conditions found only in the Viñales area.  We visit an authentic tobacco farm that specializes in the cultivation of leaves to be used exclusively to craft Romeo y Julieta, Monte Cristo, and Cohiba cigars. 


This hike is not for the faint of heart, nor is it going to be a walk in the park.  In reality it’s something more akin to scaling a sheer rock face with some spiky vegetation along the way that you will more than likely be tempted to grab ahold of.  Rest assured, it is a tough hike but not a long hike, and the view from the top makes it more than worth the effort.