Arrive in style - from the moment you land at the airport in Havana, we'll pick you up in a caravan of only the best classic convertibles. We have scoured the streets of Havana to find and assemble a trusted fleet of the best classics. Everywhere you go during your stay in Havana, we will have this fleet on standby to take you out during the day or night.  By using our trusted transport fleet, you won't only travel in style you'll have all your transport needs pre-arranged, and not have to worry about finding a taxi or losing something in the car.  

We typically assign vehicles based on groups of 3, so if you have 9 guys you'll have 3 cars. Are you a Chevy fan or a Ford fan, let us know so we can personally provide you with a ride in that classic Ford '53 or Chevy '56.

HIGHLIFE PLUS: In addition to arranging transport, our Havana Concierge is on call, providing your group with a Cuba cellphone so you're only a call away from getting anything your group needs to make the most of your Havana trip.