Havana built a formidable reputation in the early 1900’s as the King of nightlife and the crown jewel of the Caribbean.  The world’s rich and famous came from far and wide to partake in what was considered some of the best (and most scandalous) nightlife of the day.  This trend carried on right up until the Cuban revolution when everything changed abruptly.  


These days, the Havana nights are coming back in a big way.  As US-Cuban relations begin to thaw, and capitalistic opportunities begin to emerge more and more across Cuban culture, some absolutely incredible nightlife hotspots are popping up throughout Havana.  The key is knowing where to find them, as like anything that is doing well in Havana, there is a clandestine tinge to the air that surrounds it.


When you book your trip through Highlife Havana you gain insider access to all of the best nightlife hotspots across the city.  Our hosts are Havana locals who have all of the connections to all of the best spots and will ensure that you leave Havana with an almost surreal impression as to what the nightlife scene has to offer.


The best cabaret show in Cuba, La Tropicana is a must if you're looking for a unique Cuban show that will transport you back to the hay days of Old Havana. With enough skin to keep any man interested, this 1.5 hour show is perfect to get the night started. Feel like a boss in a table stage-side while you puff your habano cigar and drink rum, all included in the ticket price. 

This add-on activity is $85 to be paid at the door upon arrival and includes a welcome cigar, champagne toast, apertivo, and .5L bottle of rum. We arrange the reservations and transport. We recommend adding this on Friday night before hitting the town. 


Our nightlife service is offered in our same classic convertibles with bilingual host service to provide access and insight to the clubs and bars. We include any cover fees, but you are responsible for the purchase of any drinks or meals in any nightlife establishment. We can arrange separate rides throughout the night and reserve the right to change vehicles middle of the night in case of extending the hours. Our nightlife service ends no later than 4am.